Any Ideads What I Should Ask For For Christmas & Birthday?

Birthday’s in January.
Turning 16.
I would really like money for festival tickets HOWEVER;
1)I think it’s rude.
2)My mother woupdnt allow me to ask for money.
So, my problem is I would like money as I really dont need anything but I cant have vouchers because I would like to buy featival tickets (BUT i cant be brought them because theyre not on sale yet & I cannot guarantee that I will be able to attend them for definate.
Please help?
My gran usually buys me presnts to the value of £100 for christmas + Birthday.
My grandad & uncles buy me presnts with a combined value of around £50 for christmas + £50 for birthday.
Please help?

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One Response to “Any Ideads What I Should Ask For For Christmas & Birthday?”

  1. villy vassel says:

    just ask for money, or a small present and a little money.
    also you can explain that not al the money will go on festival tickets + you could ask what the givers of the money would maybe like you to put it towards, therefore its not rude but just be nice about it and exolain that you dont want presents from everyone and will be grateful of money:)

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