Any Reason To Be Attracted To A Specific Group?

Asked a similar question before, but will put less detail here.
Despite not being attracted to around 80% of men, there is always a group of men that get me.
The group is the twinks, and even amongst that group, I’m only attracted to boyish ones, not manlier ones.
I have had attraction over women and the past, and can still be attracted if I deliberately look at woman. In fact, I may even voucher to say I may find a higher % of women good looking than men, my sex drive just does not urge me to go looking for them typically. Instead, I always default to looking for pictures of the type I described above.
Is there something I could point to that could explain why I have these attractions specifically, or are they just random in your opinion? I am overweight, could it be an internalized loathing of self-image expressed sexually? (I don’t really feel that bad about being overweight)

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2 Responses to “Any Reason To Be Attracted To A Specific Group?”

  1. Sophie says:

    you could be bisexual

  2. Luke Mccash says:

    I do not think it is an internalized self-loathing. The APA have done extensive studies on homosexual attraction and have found that most people do not experience a sense of choice with who they are attracted to. A person’s sexuality refers to their feelings of attraction to either, both, or other sexes. It is separate to behavior, e.g. a person could be celibate, but still be heterosexual because they are still attracted to the opposite sex. They also found that homosexual attraction is perfectly normal and not related to mental disorders or illnesses in any way.
    In other words, its just the way that you are wired. There is nothing wrong with it and you should be proud of the way you are.
    In the 1960’s Alfred Kinsey, a respected scientist, came up with a scale to illustrate how sexuality is not as simple as the three categories that people generally think of, i.e. Straight, gay, or bi. It is considered to be outdated now because it does not account for Asexuals or Transgenders, but no one has come up with a new scale, so hopefully you will find it useful for finding your own identity.

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