Any Reason Why My Target Discount Card Isn’t Working?

Okay, I can confess that I previously worked at a Target store a year ago in another state. You can say that I left on bad terms due to my roommate screwing me over with the apartment at the last minute. So I couldn’t give Target a 2 week notice…and I was under pressure. I didn’t even know I was supposed to turn in my discount card, even though I had shred it.
A year later, at this current day…I got lucky working at another Target (seasonal) in the state I’m currently living in. I just got my temporary discount card the other day, and it’s not going through. Found out it’s the same employee number from the previous Target.
Is my employee discount number not working because it isn’t processed in their system since I just recieved it? Or is it some kind of suspension due to leaving that Target I worked last year?? I hope not…I really do.
I’m just trying to start fresh. They don’t know my previous history, but I did gave them my other job experiences that I left on good terms.

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One Response to “Any Reason Why My Target Discount Card Isn’t Working?”

  1. Go with the flow says:

    Opinion: Just keep your mouth shut about this to your employer.
    No benefit could come out of it.
    Forget about the 10% discount during your seasonal job.

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