Any student discounts?

I am a mature student studying in the North West of England.

I would like to know what am I entitled to get with discount during my student status. I do not want to miss out on anything.

Thanks in advance x

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2 Responses to “Any student discounts?”

  1. Girlie Electrics says:

    Look at the NUS card. There is also the international student id card. Both sites list where discounts are available.

  2. Eve says:

    Look on the back of your student card. It should either be NUS or NUS extra, the website will tell you what you’re entitled to. I usually ask in shops especially clothes shops before buying anything because sometimes they don’t advertise but will still give you 10% off. Also check to see if your city sells a snapfax, they cost £2-3 and will get you loads of discounts particularly in local shops and restaurants.

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