Any suggestions on what I can add to make my cage into a natural-looking habitat, for my rats?

I have decided that I want to completely change my rat cage’s layout. I’m in no rush of making it, so I have time to plan. I have a basic idea of what I want to do, but I need more/different ideas. Though I only thought of this a few days ago, so I still can easily change my mind.

I should tell you what cage I have first, so you can understand what things can fit in it.
The cage is a "Savic Suite Royale (Double)", which is basically the same as the Critter nation, followed by the Ferret nation:

In the picture it is shown with a second level, but what I’m planning to do is take out that level so there’s a huge open space for more opportunities to add stuff.

Some things I want to add, though it may not be possible:
– Huge branch(es) which reach right to the top of the cage
– Pieces of rope, with fairly natural colours on them.
– Wooden shelves (or plastic shelves with bedding in them)
– Wooden houses, rocks. Basically anything natural which can go on the ground.
– Vines (fake ones, possibly?)
And more.. but they’re the only ones I can think of this moment in time.

I also want to make sure it’s safe with what I add. So is there anything I should keep away from, which I may be thinking of adding? I’m a bit worried about having proper branches.. if not I can find something similar looking to it.

Basically I’m asking you to help me with anything I can do to this cage, to make it more natural. I don’t mind things which aren’t really natural, as long as the colour is like a brown or green. Any links will help – anything will do really. I just need suggestions.

I think I have already got what bedding I want, here:
Since it is quite cheap and is a safer option to having wood in their, because of respiratory infections and all that.

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One Response to “Any suggestions on what I can add to make my cage into a natural-looking habitat, for my rats?”

  1. TrendyK9 says:

    The only problem with having wood ANYTHING in there is it will soak up any pee and stink like crazy. That and it won’t last you very long at all! Chew chew chew…..

    – Branches are only safe if they come from certain types of trees (mainly fruit trees) and can be assured free of pesticides or pollution. You also need to remove the bark and bake them to rid them of potential parasites and fungus.

    – Wood blocks, ledges, etc CANNOT be made of softwood (pine, cedar, etc) – softwood is unsafe. Any ledges must be sanded so they are not sharp and you have to keep a careful eye out for splintering. Wood has to be UNTREATED. Treated lumber is unsafe! The only "treatment" that is safe on wood is the non-toxic coating that makes it water proof (i don’t know what it’s called off the top of my head!)

    – Rocks should also be boiled/baked. Make sure there are no sharp edges.

    Note: There are bird and lizard toys/ledges/etc that look like natural wood branches and such, those may be a better (safer) option than lumber and/or tree branches.

    – Ropes are fun for rats. My girls love them! Just remember to check them over regularly so you know that they aren’t fraying too badly. Legs and feet can get caught in fraying rope! Vines? What kind? Real vines are probably a no-no but fake ones…. depends on what they are made out of.

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