Any Tips While Buying A Car From The Dealer?

i have not decided which car to buy and will be choosing it on the show room only(because i am confused) ..i’ll be going with my friend…just dont want to make a wrong choice or get influenced by the sales person.

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4 Responses to “Any Tips While Buying A Car From The Dealer?”

  1. KV-DJ says:

    Personally I would never buy a brand new car, just because the value drops a lot, right when you drive it off the lot. If I was you, buy a 2012 model car with low miles. In the end you will be saving a lot of money and have a relatively new car.

  2. Jarrett says:

    Okay I’m only a kid (15) but this is my moms advice most of the stuff on the showroom is more expensive know what you want I know it’s confusing with leases and **** but don’t fall for there stuff the will trick persuade make everything sound nice tell them what you want some of the sales people are nice some arent and take it for a test drive see how much it is per month know if you can pay for it don’t regret it later I know this is a lot to take in but take it seriously or you could pay for it

  3. roger says:

    What do you mean “: choosing it on the showroom? ” A new car ? A used car? you need to give us some more information because it makes a difference. If your going to buy a new car you need to look on the internet and check other local dealers to see what they are selling a new car with the same options as what you want.
    Get the best price in writing even if its on a business card and then go home and call other dealers on the phone and ask them to beat the first price you have.Most big car dealers have websites with cars in inventory on the web site.
    If you are buying a used car always take it to a mechanic you trust before buying. Never use the dealers mechanic to inspect a car. Always use your trusted one so you do not get stuck with a junk car.

  4. johnny says:

    in my opinion the most important thing is whats under the hood and the gas mileage ,,, people tend to go for the looks but dont thingk about the engine lasting them long like for example ..u are into the camaros because they are nice and you buy it without checking the engine and transmission out and u have it for a week and 1 of them goes out on you ,, you lose a car ,, i always research cars i am planning to buy to get results on them just to be sure they are dependale

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