Anybody Else Get A $10 Psn Voucher From Sony?

I found a message in my inbox from PSN saying I’m a “loyal fan” and it gave me a $10 voucher. Yippee! Lol but how did I get it and did the majority of people get it? Cuz I asked a lot of my friends and they didn’t get it. Neither did my bro. In fact I think I’m the only one among my friends that got it :/ So does anyone know what you had to do to get it?

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3 Responses to “Anybody Else Get A $10 Psn Voucher From Sony?”

  1. wefdwqef says:

    i didnt

  2. Brandon says:

    yea i got, and i have only had my account for a few months. Maybe you need to buy a certain amount of items from the store…who knows. It might also be because of the conference they had the other day because that is the day i got it. But who cares, don’t question it, just enjoy your 10 bucks. lol

  3. The Ghosts of Turkey's Past says:

    I didn’t get one yet, but I heard other people are getting it as well. Just hop on the PS forums and you can see threads on it. I hope I get one so I can buy some sweet DLC

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