Anybody know about this voucher ?

I got a £2 colour cosmetics voucher in boots free with my receipt it is valid until 2 May 2009. Anybody know how to use it in Glasgow do you just hand it over. It states the brand you can use it on but says terms and conditions in store !
Rusca – thats exactly what i mean im not sure and i want to use it on face powder as i am going to get a new one tomorrow

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3 Responses to “Anybody know about this voucher ?”

  1. Helen B says:

    Just use it like any other voucher, choose your stuff and hand it over when you pay, you’ll get your money off then and there. Then go home, get dressed up and head out for a good night out looking fab!!

    Have fun


  2. Diva D says:

    Just go to the store and before you shop show it to a sales associate and they can tell you exactly what you can and cannot purchase. Vouchers are the same as gift cards, usually you have a spending limit. You should also have a 800 customer service number on the back you can call and get details. But I suggest you just go to the store when your ready to shop and the associate will help you with no problem.

  3. Rusca says:

    omg i have that too!

    but i don’t know whether colour cosmetics means just eyeshadows??

    or is it foundation and lip stuff too??

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