Anybody know how childcare vouchers work?

Hi – I’ve just gone back to work as a teacher in a school in Wales after maternity leave and hadn’t realised till now we could be entitled to childcare vouchers. Anybody get them? How do they work? Are they available everywhere? Any info/advice appreciated – Thanks.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    They are available through Social Services if you meet the income requirements. You have to go apply and then if they approve you, you will get vouchers for either the entire amount or a portion. You must choose between a list of childcare providers and then they get the vouchers and you register your child. Also if you choose to take them out of the daycare or change day cares, you must give thirty days notice. Hope this helps!

  2. ONE N ONLY says:

    I have the just call around first. Call your local clincs ont doctors offices and go in as a walk -in. Make sure the baby is with you . First they will weigh you and the baby. 2. They’ll wnt to know how much the baby eats, when and how often he/she eats, and what he/she eats. Then you will recieve vouchers for cereal, juice, and milk. If mommy is added to the voucherr then you will also get things like carrots,tuna and other things.

  3. Cally says:

    I have heard of Busy Bees who provide non taxable child care vouchers. You can get up to £55 per week in vouchers, which are exempt from tax and NI. You exchange part of your gross salary before deductions, and anyone can take part if your employer is signed up to the scheme. I have included a link to the teachers site below. Hope this helps.

  4. mshighwater says:

    Your employer must participate in a scheme and there will be a specific provider with which your employer has an arrangement. Your childcare provider must also be registered with that provider though if they do not, you might be able to get it set up between them.

    When you sign up, you agree that your employer will give you vouchers in lieu of part of your salary. You use the vouchers to pay for your childcare. You do not pay tax on the value of the vouchers that you receive instead of money so you can save up to approx £1000 a year through the reduction in tax.

    You can set up an online account or receive paper vouchers. Either way, you can use the vouchers as it suits you. If, for example, your children are of school age and you don’t use childcare during term time, you can still use the vouchers for holiday child care.

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