i have never actually been to after x-mas/new years Sales before and abit curious as to see why would people would want to que up 5am outside the shops?!….Like outside NEXT in the UK
Is it worth it? Is it really dirt cheap? Or isit just to con the people into emptying thr pockets..
Anyone experiancd great deals? tell me about it?
And what kind of things do you realy get cheap?
And when’s the best time to go?
Ta x

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3 Responses to “ANYONE GOING TO 2011/2012 SALES? ?”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Ha! I went once to the next sales with my aunt, waited in the cue from 2am! Got in at 5 and finishd at 9!
    U can get quite alot of good things for cheap prices tht wer normaly quite expensive so yeah it is good bt only if ur gd at searching through things

    but id say january new years sales are better then the boxing day ones!x

  2. entertainment fan says:

    I don’t like it when the shops are busy.

  3. puffin57 says:

    I’m not going. I never do. I really see no pleasure in getting up at stupid o’clock to wait outside a shop.

    I cannot say how good a bargain can be picked up doing the early morning wait, but it isn’t really a bargain if I wasn’t going to be buying it anyway! I may consider going to a sale if I was actually needing something – makes sense, really – but I wouldn’t dream of going just for the sake of finding a bargain. Yes, if they are selling, say, a £70 skirt for £20 that is good, but only if you actually need a skirt in the first place! Otherwise you are just making yourself £20 worse off! (same as any other ‘offer’ you find in shops).

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