Anyone got a discount code for the ferry to Ireland?


I’m taking my motorbike to Ireland in August and Sealink charge about £120 from Fishguard and Irish Ferries c £110 from Pembroke. I’m coming from London, so Rosslare is a good crossing.

A discount code would be lovely if anyone could let me know…



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2 Responses to “Anyone got a discount code for the ferry to Ireland?”

  1. tony m says:

    Hello Declan,
    I am a member of the web-site run by
    and every E.Mail they send me has special offers in it, and I have actually brought my car and my wife to Ireland, on many occasions, and anyone else that has travelled with me has contributed to the cost too, and on a couple of trips over the Blessed Irish Sea, I have been in pocket, I recommend you join their mailing list, Nowthen, Irish Ferries too, have special offers and you can book on-line only, and still save money, it’s your motorcycle, and your money, do it as cheaply as possible, and enjoy August in Ireland one of my favourite months to be at home in Co. Galway, warm nights and easy days.Mmm nice….. hope you make it, and have fun too….Bye….. Tony M

  2. LittleMissMuffet says:

    Hi. Try and go to vouchers, there are lots of discount codes and you may find what you’re looking for there. Keep trying as more get added all the time. Hope this helps.

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