Anyone got a discount code for the ferry to Ireland?


I’m taking my motorbike to Ireland in August and Sealink charge about £120 from Fishguard and Irish Ferries c £110 from Pembroke. I’m coming from London, so Rosslare is a good crossing.

A discount code would be lovely if anyone could let me know…


Re the MCN answer, thats where I got the idea of the code from originally. But when I tried the code on the internet, it didn’t make any difference. Could you tell me what the right code is as I thrown away that version now?

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2 Responses to “Anyone got a discount code for the ferry to Ireland?”

  1. mickandannamarie says:

    use mcn (motorcycle news). used this myself for a 25% discount, that was stenaline, holyhead to dublin – by far the best route for where you’re coming from

  2. bruce-47 says:

    When I used Irish Ferries last summer, there were no discount codes around. Also, there was no-where to input the discount codes. Sorry!

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