Anyone got any quality white wine bargain tips to share?

I like a Tesco White Merlot (£3.00) and an Asda Chile Saviaugn Blanc (£2.98). Both are very tasty and complete bargains at under 3 quid. Anyone else got any similar great bargain bottle of wine tips? (I only like dry white wine)

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12 Responses to “Anyone got any quality white wine bargain tips to share?”

  1. Kathy H says:

    Leasingham 2004 Magnus Riesling –
    Pale yellow in colour with green hues and brilliant clarity, the Leasingham Magnus Riesling has intense floral aromas of jasmine and citrus blossom with fresh pineapple and spice. The palate has refreshing lemon and lime characters with fleshy fruit sweetness and mouthwatering acidity. The finish is fresh and lively with good persistence. ($10.49 – US)

    Columbia Winery 2006 GewurztraminerPale straw yellow color. Hints of allspice and pink grapefruit accent the sweet fruit palate. Crisp finish with a good balance of acidity. Versatile with food, especially with spicy ($9.99)

  2. captbullshot says:

    Argentine Chablis

  3. shmurfee68 says:

    there is a good wine here in Florida where I go. . .
    the name of it is: "Cheap White Table Wine" LOL
    $1.99 a bottle.

  4. stace says:

    Threshers-3 bottles of Blossom Hill ( the 1 with the blue label) for £9.98p..Love it…you get to choose from all the Blossom Hill ranges,not matter what mood your in weather it be a red or a white mood you can’t go wrong.

  5. Benski Sullivanovich says:

    You can get a rather superb Naked Grape Dry Reisling in Waitrose for less than a fiver.

  6. jcbarta says:

    Ok this sounds really dumb, but for a poor person who used to attend nice dinner parties and was expected to bring a bottle of wine every time, I found a trend among good wine.

    Now this tip (take it for what’s its worth) goes for all colors. Buy a bottle with a mammal on it. It isnt always the best wine you’ve had in your life, but I’ve found some really good ones this way. Good luck ; )

  7. Karoline M says:

    Subscribe to Wine Spectator’s Sips & Tips. They give great bargain suggestions.

  8. charlie says says:

    I have always found that going to your local high street wine merchant is the best way of finding wines that they have for under a fiver. The reason for this is they are more likely to have on the spot info of what style the wine is and also give examples of what other wines epitomise this. Out of courtesy try a bottle from there, and then off to the supermarkets to find them or similar.

    The reason I mention the high street shop, is that very few supermarkets will employ someone to stand in their booze section, and be in situ to offer wine advice.

  9. echo says:


  10. carla says:

    Asda do a box of white Australian chardonay which holds i think 3+ bottles for under a tenner and it doesnt taste like wee either.

  11. sommelier2000 says:

    Re: Captbullshot ‘s assertion that Chablis is biggest selling white wine in Argentina – totally incorrect and irresponsible I might add – guess that accounts for his profile name.

    Sorry – just couldn’t let that go by.

  12. bostonmike says:

    what do you call cheap

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