Anyone had a great bargain from TK MAXX?

I recently purchased French Connection Jacket at tk maxx for £30 which is currently selling for £150 on the French Connection uk website.
Was i just lucky or does tk maxx regularly have good bargains like this?
And what is the best day to shop there i have been there on a few occasions and found the shop frustrating but that has been at the weekend.
Is it better shopping midweek?

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3 Responses to “Anyone had a great bargain from TK MAXX?”

  1. Wendy says:

    I got a black zip up velvet cat/jump suit for 20p hehe that’s my best Tk maxx bargain

  2. Trixie the Pixie says:

    tk maxx is the european equivalent of tj maxx right? if so then yea my friend got a dooney and bourke purse from tj maxx for like 40% off they usually have pretty good deals

  3. sara d says:

    I bought on two separate occasions running shose originally priced at £90 for £40 and they’re really good too.

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