Anyone Have Any Really Good Tp Ideas?

All my friends kind of have a tradition of tping… So this is some of the stuff we do, glitter/confetti lawns, no shaving cream or silly string cause we don’t want to kill peoples plants and stuff but we do use it on the porch and driveway, use plastic wrap on peoples cars and porches, yarn people’s trees and bushes, tortilla peoples roofs, use tic tacs on their porch, if their hose is accessible hide it cause they need it to clean up, decorate their porch with big yellow ribbons, then get their trees and stuff obviously. One time We had a lot of fake snow left over and bought some cheap Christmas lights and extension cords on sale after Christmas and saved them till my boyfriend went out of town we decorated his house it was June etc etc but all of this stuff is boring anyone got any good ideas 😛

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One Response to “Anyone Have Any Really Good Tp Ideas?”

  1. ABE c says:

    the cool think you can do is tp the car. imagine if they are late and when they leave the house the whole car is tpd
    but i would recommend
    *card board boxes. ( you can find them in back of restaurants, or arts in crafts stores
    * string/ yarn
    * scratch paper
    * dog poo ( lol)
    * Junk mail.

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