Anyone know a good place to buy an apple Ipod (30GB)?

Hi, Im after a new 30GB ipod for my girlfriend, i live in the UK and it needs to be brand new and not refurbed etc. Has anyone bought one recently from a respectable website/shop if so how much did you pay….

So far Dixons has been the cheapest at £170 including delivery, but how can a highstreet retailer be the cheapest….

Any advice gratefully received!

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9 Responses to “Anyone know a good place to buy an apple Ipod (30GB)?”

  1. dunc says: easily the cheapest

  2. Karoon says:

    Currys my boyfriend bought one at the weekend for £200 including a case for it

  3. richard_beckham2001 says:

    check out pc world they allow you collect@store and if it is a web offer you can get it at that price as long as you reserve it online first.

  4. says:

    hi you can buy them cheap or evan swop on this website

  5. says:

    Plug it into yahoo shopping or froogle

  6. welshchick says:

    I got mine from the apple website. Free delivery

  7. Mr DJ says:

    Apple seem to retain quite close control over their prices, and the variation between retailers is usually minimal. And Dixons, like many high street names, actually sell for less on their website than in-store.

  8. Yasmeen B says:


  9. razorfish_98 says:

    If you are a student Apple offer discount prices. Otherwise try Amazon.

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