Anyone know car insurance company that accept no claims discount over 2 years?

Hi, does anyone know a competively priced car insurance company that accepts no claims discounts if it is more that 2 years since expiry of my previous policy. It seems most insurance companies have a 2 year limit and then you have to start from scratch. I’m only 20 days over too!! Please help I’m getting quoted extortinate prices!

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4 Responses to “Anyone know car insurance company that accept no claims discount over 2 years?”

  1. hornchurchmale says:

    online isn’t probably the best way. try previous insurer first then a broker. they wil be best placed to arrange a deal. you may for example only get one years discount!

  2. Karle says:

    u will have to take ur actual details to an actual live agent and get an actual quote…

  3. Timbo is here says:

    Dealing face to face in a shop like Swinton might get you some leeway.

  4. AutoMan627 says:

    Most car insurance companies have different rules in different states, so it is impossible to name any company that offers this discount in your state. The following article has some suggestions as to how to find the companies that have the best rates in your state and in your circumstances:

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