Anyone Know Where I Can Get Free Or Inexpensive Baby Stuff?? (diapers, Formula, Clothes, Furniture, )?

Any advice on how to obtain free or discounted baby products. Anything will help. Thanks.

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7 Responses to “Anyone Know Where I Can Get Free Or Inexpensive Baby Stuff?? (diapers, Formula, Clothes, Furniture, )?”

  1. Hope says:

    if you have facebook they have online yard sales and people post baby stuff on there

  2. Princess Sadie says:

    Shouldn’t be having a baby if you can’t afford the stuff!

  3. Earth Angel says:

    Buy second hand baby clothing in bulk online, buy cloth diapers so you can wash and reuse they costs thousands less than disposables and dont end up in our landfills, not sure about formula have you tried to breastfeed thats free! Furniture same thing, yard sales or online you can pick up super cheap stuff.

  4. garcie says:

    You can try churches. If you are in need they would always help. Craigslist is a great place to look too. You can even put adds up saying you are in need of free/discounted stuff and people will contact you.

  5. leticia says:

    Try going to google and type free samples for babies theres alot of samples.:)

  6. Ann Frank says:

    Sign up on their websites. Example Similac once you sign up within a month or so sends you a free tub of formula, a can of formula, and a bottle along with coupons and they will continue to send coupons every month and once in a blue moon a can or tub of formula. I think enfamil does that too. Go on eBay there’s a lot there. Check your local area for consignment sales those are awesome. And for diapers collect the gift reward points from each diaper and wipe and enter them in online on their site and they accumulate points so you can cash in for rewards.

  7. Jamie says:

    Breast milk is FREE

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