Anyone know where I can get hold of "Festen" on DVD/video?

Its a Danish "New Wave" film. I’m a Film Studies teacher, have tried many different websites, the cheapest I can find it is £49 for the DVD!! That’s way too big for my rubbish departmental budget – can you suggest where I could get one from?

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  1. Ethel says: £44.99

  2. TazDeans says:

    look on amazon – £15 on the marketplace for video. great film. do you do italian for beginners as well?

  3. Miranda Eliza says:

    Yes, I remember this film very well, which was in the "dogme" style (hand held camera) of Lars von Tries (who made "The Kingdom") "Festen" was directed and created by Thomas Vinterberg. I think it had an alternative UK title;
    "The Celebration"
    when it was shown in cinemas here. If you would like to see more films by this director, he has also made another brilliant film called "Dear Wendy" which is set in a small American mining town and I know that is available, because I got it!

    Check out the following addresses;

    The latter is a Danish site, but you can find the film ("Festen") there really cheap (99,- Danish kroners which is about £ 7), however post & packing might be a bit expensive and I’m not sure about subtitles? Also try to search after the alternative title "The Celebration" on the net, but check the director’s name, so you are sure it’s the same film.
    Best of Luck! (Lykke til)

  4. MovieMan says:

    You could rent it from LoveFilm:

    or, you could ring the UK distributor Blue Light on 020 7792 9791 and see if they have any left.

  5. digitaldanuk says:

    You can get it for 44.99 here:

    if you scroll down to the "buying options" you can see it listed for 44.99 by the merchant but be quick theres only a few left!!!

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