Anyone used childcare vouchers (UK)?

I have recently heard a bit about childcare vouchers – where you sacrifice a fixed amount of your wage to pay a childcare and its tax free so you save money
However what if your child is ill and cant go to nursery – would you get your money back?? if not surely you wouldnt save much money in the scheme of things?
Anyone use them?
I have never used a nursery before as I am a first time mum and baby is only 13 weeks old but im just planning ahead for when I return to work at end of the year.
I wasn’t aware that you pay nurseries a whole term up front and if sick you dont get money back cos if thats the case then I spose the vouchers are a good idea then!

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4 Responses to “Anyone used childcare vouchers (UK)?”

  1. Vicki W says:

    I used to be a registered childminder and accepted Busy Bees vouchers (and would have accepted other types if asked). It is a good system, as the childcare provider gets the money paid direct into their bank account, and the parent(s) save on the tax.
    I charged if the children were ill, BUT I was flexible, and if my kids or me were ill I did not charge, so it worked out about even for the parents.
    I accepted the previous month’s vouchers if necessary and gave change at the end of the contract, and if, say, a voucher was worth more than the cost of that month’s childcare, I gave a credit to carry forward to the next month. It was easy.

    Hope this helps you.

  2. JENNIFER B says:

    I’m not certain but I think you get vouchers that you use on a weekly/monthly basis. If your child is ill and you don’t use the voucher, you can use it next week / month. Just get less vouchers the next month.

  3. Daisyhill says:

    I dont think youd get your money back…if you pay yourself for daycare or nursery and the child is ill then tough…they never reimburse for days off sick…you pay all in one go..upfront at the start of term…so no.

  4. byedabye says:

    Hiya I have used the vouchers. Not sure about nursery, my mum looks after my son while I work. I got the vouchers monthly and gave them to my mum and she cashes them in. You have to pay tax on them if the person looking after you child isnt a registered childminder (like my mum). You are entitled to £30 a week for non registered carers and £50 for registered childminders but you are not taxed on these.

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