Ap Statistics-flight Costs?

Every year Education Services (ETS) selects readers for the Advanced Placement Exams. Recently the AP Statistics exam has been graded in Lincoln, Nebraska. One objective of ETS is to achieve equity in grading by inviting teachers to be readers from all parts of the nation. However budgets are a consideration also. The accountants at ETS wonder if the flights from cities west of Lincoln are the same as flight costs from cities east of Lincoln. A random sample of the expense vouchers from last year was reviewed for the cost of airline tickets. Costs (in dollars) are shown in the table below.
Indicate what inference procedure you would use to see if there is a significant difference in the costs of airline flights between the west and east coasts to Lincoln, Nebraska, then decide if it is okay to actually perform that inference procedure. (Check the appropriate assumptions and conditions and indicate whether you could or could not proceed. You do not have to do the actual test.)
East West
265 257
298 320
340 295
219 288
199 366
398 275
359 430
309 397
105 253
253 366

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