Apple Ipod Touch Help 10 Points Best Answer!!!!?

well, my home button on my Ipod touch 4g broke and its being sent in for repair. and Im scared that if the data gets wiped for some reason, how can I save that data before it gets sent off. because im only like 15 and I don’t know much about this sort of stuff! haha, so anyways. is there any way that I can save my data from my ipod, like music, pictures etc, before it goes off just in case, then If they give me a voucher for a new ipod, I will be able to put all the data from my current ipod onto the replacement! haha, best answer 10 points, need an answer with steps, preferably easy to follow 🙂 thanks guys, need answer ASAP xoxox <3

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  1. Tina says:

    Save it to your iCloud, which as long as you use the same apple id will keep them
    safe, I’m not an expert but google how to do this and it will probs be on the apple website or Wikipedia. If this is still not working for any reason, save them to a word document on your laptop, by connecting your iPod by USB and then importing them

  2. T says:

    I cloud will only save the most important information. If you want a full 100% backup, then do a full backup. Plug your iPod into the computer an open up iTunes. Click on your iPod and open the summary screen. There will be a section that says back up your iPod, one link is iCloud, one link is full backup. Click the full backup, and it will save every detail of data on your iPod.

  3. Jack says:

    Simply just do an iTunes backup in the way of plugging it into your computer, going into your iPod in iTunes and then back it up from ‘back up’ or you can do the over air backup with iCloud, “Settings, iCloud, Stoarage and Backup.
    Chances are you may have iCloud set up anyway and it automatically backs up but just make sure.

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