Apple store student discount questions?please answer?!?

I would like to buy an ipad 4th generation (questions…)
1) how much discount do I get ( I’m a student)
2) do I take my student card into apple to prove I’m a student?
Please answer these questions 🙂

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2 Responses to “Apple store student discount questions?please answer?!?”

  1. A says:


    I was initially told that I’d get a 10/12% discount off the cost of my iPad in the Apple Store (which is why I went there, rather than PC World which doesn’t offer a discount)

    I went to the Cardiff Apple store (as a Cardiff University student) and was only given a 2% discount, which is barely anything. I think they have (and don’t quote me on this), a list of institutions which they use to check the discount.

    And yes, you will need a valid student card (and they will check the expiry date) with your photo on to prove your identity.

  2. * CeCe * 小梅* Future RDMS, RDCS says:

    If I remember correctly it’s a 10 percent discount. And it may not apply to all devices (you’d have to check with the store). And yes, you have to have your student ID with you.

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