Appropriate Gift For Bat Mitzvah?

I’m going to a Bat Mitzvah of a friend of mine. What is a proper gift to give her? I have heard that $36 or $54 is lucky. Should money be my gift? Also I’m Christian so I have never been to a synagogue. What is the etiquette at temple and during the Shabbat service?

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3 Responses to “Appropriate Gift For Bat Mitzvah?”

  1. Cara says:

    Not money, but maybe a token/voucher, or any decent present that you might give a girl of her age for a birthday.
    As for etiquette, wear a kippah on your head (if you haven’t got one, they will either lend you one (to be returned) at the synagogue or you will be given one for the special occasion, which you can keep. (You will need to wear it again for prayers at the meal.) Then you will be shown to a seat. Just sit and stand as others do, and keep quiet. That’s all!

  2. Tillie says:

    make her a flower crown out of cute fake flowers for her present. money is a tacky gift. just be yourself and dont worry about etiquette.

  3. Red dragon says:


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