Are All Of The Christian Louboutin Outlets Fakes?

i really reallllly want some loubs for my 18th but theyre super expensive and i was wondering if anyone knew if there was any 100% authentic discount websites or codes or anything pleasee:)

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One Response to “Are All Of The Christian Louboutin Outlets Fakes?”

  1. Kittysue says:

    The ONLY real sites that sell Christian Louboutin at a discount is if you are lucky enough to find them on sale on department store sites like Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus. They are never going to be cheap. Even on sale they are going to be at least $300-400 for an authentic pair
    Any “cheap” or “discount” or “outlet” sites you find are cheap Chinese fakes that look nothing like the real thing in person. They sell them in markets in China and you can tell they are fake – the red on the bottom is the wrong shade of red. Instead of being a painted leather sole like the real shoes, the fakes are black plastic soles with a red vinyl sticker stuck over it which peels off the first time you wear them. Also the seams of the fakes are glued, not hand sewn, so they fall apart if they get wet or are exposed to heat or humidity as it weakens the glue

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