Are Any Of The Ppl Who Want To Privatize Education Teachers?

Ex-teacher doesn’t count, future teacher doesn’t count. I want to know how many current teachers want this. I expect no answers to this question.

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3 Responses to “Are Any Of The Ppl Who Want To Privatize Education Teachers?”

  1. Bflowing says:

    Its mostly the rich that benefit from private schools. However, they not only have to pay tuition, but they also pay a hefty amount of the property tax. They would love to get vouchers for the tuition, or have funding for public school decline, thus reducing their property tax.
    The middle class and lower, will bet vouchers but the value of such vouchers won’t be able to pay for all of the tuition at the better schools. And yes, there will be a hierarchy of schools.
    In the mean time, conditions will get worse and worse at public schools.
    Remember, private schools can limit their class sizes, not accept everyone, and get rid of students they don’t like.

  2. USA all the way 2 says:

    Vouchers could be used for every student. The benefit of that would be if a school isn’t giving the kids a good education, they can go to one that does. Not possible in public schools. By privatizing schools teachers are no longer protected from being fired for being a lousy teacher by the unions, they will be held to a higher standard of learning and teaching thereby giving the students a better education.
    The US is 25 in the world in math skills yet spends almost twice per student of most countries.

  3. Entropy says:

    I don’t have a stat. I can only say that, yes, there are some. I’ve seen some interviews, and a famous documentary in favor of vouchers was done by a teacher and a parent from a particular school. I would hazard a guess that they are a minority.

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