Are apprentices entitled to eye care vouchers?

I am currently doing an apprenticeship in England earning £95 a week. I’ve been told that when you work in front of a computer for 7-8 hours a day, you are entitled to money towards an eye test, if you are in need of one. The majority of Employers give them to you, but are Apprentices entitled to a money voucher towards eye tests?
Everyone I have asked seem to not know the answer, or cannot be bothered to find out for me.
In need of help.

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2 Responses to “Are apprentices entitled to eye care vouchers?”

  1. Kernow Lady says:

    There is no law in the UK which states that employers have to pay for an eye test if you work with computers, NONE. I have been employed by BT and Orange on computers all day and it is not their policy. My son is an IT Manager for a large firm and does not receive free anything.
    You could ask if you are entitled as you are an apprentice on a low wage but I doubt it.

  2. Yellie says:

    If you are a student apprentice then you can get a voucher from the NHS to help with eyecare costs but you have to be under 18! (doesnt state how old you are)

    If you are under 18 just book an eye test and they will give you the voucher there and then. 🙂

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