Are briquette makers any good?

I have an almost unlimited supply of waste paper and am wanting to make briquettes out of it to burn on my open fire.

I’ve been looking at these

Has anyone ever used them and are they any good?

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One Response to “Are briquette makers any good?”

  1. lofty says:

    when i first got married i was in a similar position only i had plenty of paper an open fire and not much money.I bought a briquette maker and it was the best money i ever spent.When making the briquettes leave them to dry for a long enough time to thoroughly dry out otherwise they will not burn.It is a good idea to make up a stock of them during the Summer so that they can dry in the natural heat of the sun,store them somewhere dry so that they will not fall apart ,they burn very well and last as long as coal or smokeless fuel,good luck.

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