Are Coloured Guitars Good?

Hey, I’m interested in getting a guitar then self-teaching, I already know a wee bit.
But I heard coloured violins aren’t very good so I’m wondering if this applies to guitars?
Are these any good?

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5 Responses to “Are Coloured Guitars Good?”

  1. Shababad says:


  2. Brandon says:

    your being racist towards instruments. maybe color doesn’t matter

  3. Elias says:

    Having a finish on a guitar is not an issue. Don’t worry about the color.
    I’d think about dropping a few more pounds here though. 20 pounds can get you a major improvement in this price range. I tend to think that a decent beginner’s guitar will run you about 100 pounds.

  4. STEPHEN says:

    The colour of an instrument, in itself, has nothing to do with the sound. But coloured instruments tend to be low quality, almost toys, because the quality of the wood is so low that it’s coloured to disguise it.

  5. dlashof says:

    Violins that are colored are actually painted and are awful because paint stiffens the instrument too much and keeps it from vibrating properly. A violin is supposed to be varnished not painted. With guitars, except for the highest quality hand made ones, they are lacquered. The color, any color, is mixed in the lacquer and whatever that color is, has no bearing on their sound. It’s the lacquer itself that determines the sound, not the color. But, as was said before, in general the ones where the wood quality doesn’t show through, the quality of the wood is really low and thus the sound is effected.

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