Are Exteranl Fans Good To Have?

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2 Responses to “Are Exteranl Fans Good To Have?”

  1. ZGirl Gamer says:

    For a PS3? No, they are not good to have whatsoever irregardless and I’ll explain why. Fans will do the opposite of what you want them to do. The PS3 has an internal fan that will speed up or slow down depending on what it’s doing to keep itself cool. It fans the warm/hot air OUT of the PS3. An external fan will force the warm/hot air the PS3 it making go OUT back IN. You’ll just break your PS3 far faster if you have one. The PS3 doesn’t require any external fans of any kind, it’s own cooling system is more than enough. Secondly, the PS3 gets rid of the heat it creates from the back, not the bottom. It sucks in air from the front and sides (not the bottom) and sends it out the back, meaning that little cooling pad you have will not only force the hot air back inside, it will do absolutely nothing to “cool” the system when the air intake is located in a completely different place on the system itself.
    When the first PS3 models (the Fat models) first came out the military actually tested them themselves. Not only did they leave them on for over a month straight, while they all took turns doing different things with it, they also put it inside a furnace. A furnace that was set to go hotter and hotter and hotter. They simulated the world’s hottest desert conditions, and played the PS3 in those conditions for over 24 hours. That was a FAT model. If you have a Slim, the Slim can take WAY MORE than the Fat, so a cooling fan is not only a stupid thing to do for the PS3 because it will do the opposite of what you want anyway, it’s also a huge waste of money and pointless because it was designed to not fail miserably in EXTREME conditions.
    Get rid of the fan. If you want it to have more airflow, get the official vertical stand and set it up vertically instead of horizontally. It will do what you want, and it’s only $19.99, which is way cheaper and more reliable and productive and helpful than an external fan.
    Hope that helps.
    P.S: Everyone is AWARE that there are NO vents under the PS3, that’s why the fan won’t work/help in any way at all. Go Google it, they will all say “FANS ARE NOT GOOD FOR THE PS3”. Also go check out some of The Shadow’s answers on this kind of thing, as well as many other Top Contributors and they will all tell you the same thing I did and Morzone did. SO DON’T SAY SOMETHING WILL WORK WHEN PEOPLE EXPLAIN WHY IT’S BEEN PROVEN TO NOT WORK! What a concept.

  2. Morzone says:

    Yeah, ZGirlGamer is right.
    The PS3 Slim(if that is what you have) itself was RE-designed and improved from it’s original FAT model. It can take much more and will have a lower chance to fail on you in a longer amount of time. And trust me, I know how fast the PS3 fan really can go, and it’s very fast. ANY external fan could never have the power that the fan inside the PS3 has, so IF the PS3 EVER needed to have air circulation, it would get it through itself. And besides that, ZGirl is right again; the fan would only make it worse.
    Don’t get me wrong, though. raising the PS3 as this fan does is NOT a bad idea. If you raise the Ps3 a half inch or so it would increase air flow for the vents on the side and front. Remember that you definitely don’t want the PS3 flat on carpet, as carpet holds dust more than anything.
    Just trust your PS3 to do what it’s meant to do. IT WILL break eventually, everything degrades at some point, but don’t worry about it.
    Hope this helps.
    EDIT: Vents under the PS3 or not you DON’T need a cooling fan PERIOD. The only reason companies sell this **** is because people are deluded into thinking the PS3 needs them. GO READ THE DAMN PS3 MANUAL THAT CAME WITH THE BOX.

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