Are halfords having a january sale?

Does anyone know if halfords will be having a January sale, I would like a decent bike but they are a bit expensive, have my eye on the carrera vengeance which has consistent hood reviews.

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2 Responses to “Are halfords having a january sale?”

  1. General Knowledge says:

    Well Hello 1812

    Ofcourse Halfords will have a January sale and guess what, you will pick up your favourite Carrera Vengeance bike for half price or less (as long as they are not sold out over Christmas) because very few people buy bikes in January (the peak of winter) unless they are bargain hunters like you.

    So relax and be patient and wait for the January sales to save your dosh.

  2. CeeAreJay says:

    Every retail outlet will be having a January sale and a February, March, April…… – sign of the times. Christmas is probably now one of the worst times of the year to buy anything!!!!!

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