are home bargains pregnancy tests any good?

my period is 1 day late…i am trying for a baby and have tried the home bargains (clearresult?)) cheap tests which are coming up negative. i really want them to be wrong – has anyone had any fales results from these?

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  1. Lanie says:

    Cheap HPT are only different from the more expensive ones in a couple ways. 1) The sensitivity may be higher than the more pricey ones, 2) The packaging. If you are passed the point of your period being due, your HCG should be between 60-150. If the test says it is an early test the sensitivity should be 25 miu/ml, if it says to use on the first day of your missed period it should be around 50 miu/ml. Either way, it should be picking it up on you. I used early tests that were .82 off a website and I got a positive at 10dpo when my hcg was 35. (had a blood test too) Go back to the store and get a test that say early results, just to get the lowest sensitivity, it that is negative then you are probably not pregnant.

    Good luck.

  2. Mark H says:

    yes they are. my brother and his wife used one from their and against the top brand the results were the same. go home bargains with your bargain products LOL.

  3. Angelof G says:

    They are ok if used the day you are due on your period and later, I wouldn’t recoment them before. The more expensive ones do make mistakes as well. Good Luck ;0)

  4. Alicia Fitzpatrick says:

    i would wait another 6 day and see what happens if nothing still, then try the test again they usually recommend wait 7 days after missed period. ; )

  5. Lou says:

    Sorry, but after you have missed your period then one pregnancy test will be pretty much as realible as the next.

    The only difference is accuracy *before* you missed a period and clarity, which of course the more expensive ones are better at.

    You can’t will yourself to being pregnant unfortunately.

    Test again in a week if you still haven’t had your period and if it is still negative you need to go see your doctor.

  6. Tru Delmar says:

    You could always ask the girls on fertility sisters. They know all about this stuff. I too am learning and they give me good support.

    the website is everyone there is either a mom, ttc, or expecting. Hope to see ya there!

  7. Tina09 says:

    I think the cheaper ones are actually better. i bought 2 Tesco own brand ones for £3.50 (for 2) and got 2 positive results then got Clearblue with cost like £10 for one and got a negative. I am 11 weeks pregnant. The most expensive isn’t always the best x

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