Are Internet Businesses So Incompetent That They Can’t Figure Out State Sales Tax?

is it really the rocket science that cons seem to claim it is?
I’m a liberal and even I can do it…

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6 Responses to “Are Internet Businesses So Incompetent That They Can’t Figure Out State Sales Tax?”

  1. commish says:

    Try thinking before asking a question. Sales taxes vary widely on a state, county, and municipal level. Every zip code could potentially have a different sales tax rate.

  2. Average College Leech says:

    I love it
    “I’m a liberal and even I can do it..”
    You have become my favorite YA Liberal.

  3. Menard K says:

    This is NOT about “competence”
    its about does the “GOV” have the right to TAX
    anything any time our “LEADERS” see fit to levee a TAX?
    Please read my question: ….. & Thanks

  4. serena says:

    An administration nightmare! The paperwork would cost more to administer than the sale in some cases. And what about overseas foreign nations; how are you going to work out a sales tax on those sales as the exchange rate changes daily. A doozie tax that can’t work in reality as it isn’t practical to collect. Now the government is turning small businesses into unpaid tax collectors.

  5. not as think as you drunk I am says:

    now add all the time book keeping and submitting the payments – all extra labor and the companies will raise their prices to afford the labor

  6. Robert F says:

    Our state tax plus the county tax plus the city tax and there are 1892 cities in this state that are not the same as each others now count each city and township in the country and tell us how easy this will be to keep up with

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