Are Mall Curfews Used To Ban Black Youth To Make White Shoppers Feel Better?

The Mall of America proposed a curfew that bans people under 16 without a parent on Fridays and Saturdays. Mall officials blamed the drops in sales on the number of youth in the instead of the economy. The Mall of America also expressed concerns about “gang activity” yet there has been no gang related incident at the Mall of America. “Gang” is really a code word for black youth. This curfew is designed to appeal to a segment of people who feel nervous around a group of black people because they equate these groups to gangs and crime.
Considering the malls history, the curfew will most likely be enforced with racism. The mall settled a case out of court that involved harassment of African American youth by the security staff. Prior to that, there were numerous complaints about the mall giving “rules of conduct” sheets at the entrance to blacks, but not whites.
Now that the curfew is in effect, it is enforced with racism. One young African American woman, age 16, was ejected from the mall while in the midst of making a purchase. She showed them a photo ID that had her birthday but was ejected because it was not the type of ID allowed by the mall. As she was brought to the exit, she saw white males who look under 16 and were not stopped. She later spoke about this on CNN. In another incident, security guards scuffled with two African American males, age 25, who came to the mall with their children but were later arrested for refusing to show “proper” identification.
Also, many of the youth-oriented businesses in the mall rely on sales to these youth and will likely suffer as a result of the mall curfew.

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2 Responses to “Are Mall Curfews Used To Ban Black Youth To Make White Shoppers Feel Better?”

  1. Passive Agresssor says:

    The store and mall operators are interested in one thing: profits. While teens represent a big chunk of money spent in this country, I’m sure the mall has done marketing studies that prove that teens loitering are hurting business.
    I highly doubt that the curfew names only black teens – stop trying to spread racist hate.
    Sooooo glad you joined Yanswers just to spew your garbage.

  2. Vegeta14 says:

    If they decide to not sell to people that they are focused on as a demographic, then they are digging their own grave. No need to do anything really, but whats the deal regarding the “right identification?” How is anyone that has never been to the mall suppose to know that?

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