Are Muslim Boys Allowed To Wear Perfume?

Hi, I’m 13 and I’m a Muslim boy/teenager. I’m turning 14 in September. I recently bought Issey Miyake Sport Gift Set because it was on sale. Am I allowed to wear perfume or not? Thanks

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7 Responses to “Are Muslim Boys Allowed To Wear Perfume?”

  1. Rukawa says:


  2. Sarah says:

    Of course, use men’s perfume or cologne, but don’t use too much!

  3. Kimmy says:

    you mean cologne? Girls wear perfume and guys wear cologne. I don’t know about your religion so can’t answer…sorry

  4. Hiram Kix says:

    yolo u kno gotta give it up 2 allah dont be no hater #swagnation on the rise here and we know the value of life just live it like in koran and say #yolo you know just like all other 90s kids or 2000 kids allah value us all it dont matter if we cross dress or have homosexual sex or do not beat and rape women and then kill them for disgracing the famz just gotta say yolo

  5. d says:

    U can do what ever you want. No one said u couldnt…

  6. Nikki says:

    Yes, I believe it’s alright and perfume for boys is called cologne

  7. English Springers says:

    Yes, you are allowed, no problem.

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