Are My Aunt And Granny Hating Me?

They came over today and they brought some Doritos and salsa,my favorite. I gave my Aunt flowers with $40 because it was my Aunts birthday today and she said ”Thanks” very bitterly,like she hated me. Then i game my Granny a $70 gift voucher for Wall-Mart. I gave it to her like ”Hey Granny,I have something!” She just turned around and grabbed it off and went back talking to my mom. Then an hour later I was sitting in the kitchen watching T.V when my granny came in and took the Doritos and salsa and walked off. When she came back 30 mins later I was hoping for some left and a bit of salsa left but NO there wasn’t and she gave my little bro and my 8 year old cousin some of both but none for me. They gave my bro a chocolate bunny and guess what they got me… A PENCIL. I have lots of pencils! I’m 13 as well.

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One Response to “Are My Aunt And Granny Hating Me?”

  1. Prank says:

    Females dont really like there birthday. They get very bitter on their birthdays. Its just another year older.. if you havent noticed they lie about their age alot. sooooo. thats probably why.

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