Are My Beliefs Affiliated With The Libertarian Party?

Foreign Policy: Trade and travel and be friendly with other nations but do not get involved in internal affairs of other nations.
Economy: Free Market Economy.
Healthcare: Free Market HealthCare System.
Education: School choice, and vouchers and get government out of education, and have some competition.
Size of Government: Small and limited government, would not create departments or projects unless it had to do with environment or technology.
Civil Liberties: Against the following: Patriot Act, GITMO, NSA Surveillance, NDAA, and drone strikes on American soil is something I am against.
Other Social Issues: Against affirmative action, pro life, I am against gay marriage but I would privatize and get the federal government out of marriage so I would not ban gay marriage. Against death penalty, private prisons, euthanasia, prostitution. Support legalizing marijuana and end war on drugs.
Gun rights: Strong supporter of the 2nd amendment.
Environment: I am against subsides to green companies, I believe America must become energy independent, strong supporter of nuclear energy, and renewable energy.
Welfare: I am against welfare, but supportive of private charity.
Social Security: Neutral.
So am I a Libertarian or not and explain.

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6 Responses to “Are My Beliefs Affiliated With The Libertarian Party?”

  1. worthles says:

    For the most part. Vouchers are not exactly libertarian though. You haven’t gotten the government out of education. It’s just government subsidizing private schools.

  2. john says:

    This is a tough one! I would say the moderate right. Libertarians generally are extremely conservative fiscally, which you are, yet very liberal socially, which doesn’t quite fit you. I would label you as a moderate Republican. Don’t let a label define you! Vote with no regards to whether it follows a specific party line!

  3. Conor says:

    Foreign Policy-Yup
    Health Care-Yup
    Civil Liberties-Yup
    Gun Rights-yup
    OK you are definitely a hard core libertarian.
    I ******* hate libertarians by the way.

  4. Fort Lauderdale guy says:

    Yes, you fit the definition of libertarian which is small government and give people liberty.

  5. Schutzhu says:


  6. Md. zahirul islam patwary says:


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