Are Sim Free Phones from are all Unlocked to any Network?

Im from Ireland and want to buy a new Phone from that’s Sim Free, does anyone know are they unlocked phones to any Network? My Irish Sim Card can work Only in Unlocked phones, I don’t want to buy from Other companies on that website, just Amazon only.
I’m from the Republic, i contacted Meteor my network provider and they said once any phone is Unlocked i should be able to use a UK phone with my Irish sim.

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2 Responses to “Are Sim Free Phones from are all Unlocked to any Network?”

  1. Francis G says:

    You can buy a sim free on Amazon, one FACTORY UNLOCKED (which is the type you want, NO NETWORK BRANDING /LOGOS, EVER ie direct from say Nokia & sold by Amazon) any sim card works, and ‘sim free’ eg phone sold without in essence a new number but locked to say O2. Sim free is too vague a term as the it has to take into a/c who you ask. I can’t see the site you are viewing but a search just using sim free will bring up both types. UNLOCKED & sim free in new phones which Amazon do sell. Again within the sellers @ Amazon you may find some new(never used) ‘sim free’ which are unlocked BUT were locked to say Orange. So it comes down the seller & their phone source as it is realised that the ‘Factory Unlocked’ commanded a premium price. Hence some sellers added this to the description to let you know as unlocking a phone may leave a useless icon. New AMAZON.CO.UK are factory unlocked! as are some others that specifically STATE this in the advert

  2. girlborofan says:

    Any phone that is advertised as sim free has never had a network lock on it, nor will it have any network branding, such as Vodafone Live, etc. Make sure you order from the site though, as phones made for the UK market may not work with your Irish sim. I am assuming that you are in the Irish Republic, rather than Northern Ireland. If you are in Northern Ireland then order from the UK website and you will be fine.

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