Are the may bank holidays to blame for the slump in uk manufacturing and low high street sales?

and a slump in house sales ,I wondered what Osborne would blame next and now I have my answer,so is he right hot weather on may day bank holidays? and what will he blame next time sales slump?

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8 Responses to “Are the may bank holidays to blame for the slump in uk manufacturing and low high street sales?”

  1. alamolicious says:

    Makes you laugh doesn’t it? Does me for sure. How many economist agreed with Osbourne that wasn’t a member of the Tory party? None! It is always the same though no matter the party in power. When their policies they pull out of their greed bag starts showing up that greed they all make excuses. Remember his manufacturing and export figures he has been so proud of while they are just sitting stagnant and not going one way or the other? He reckons that is a plus. I’m waiting to hear his excuse today if he bothers, as to why they are now falling.

    UK plc. More like UK kaput!

  2. republicans bane says:


  3. tobyink says:

    Sales of my commemorative Wills & Kate single-mug tea cosies went through the roof in May!

    If other businesses did not profit similarly, then I can only blame lack of innovation, and poor leadership in their board rooms.

  4. Unequivocal Revolutionary Tasker says:

    Why the insignificant number of those who vote for right wing lawyer rule.

  5. MB says:

    like bush on 2dtv he will declare war against the

  6. The Masked Neo-Con No To AV Feel My Hypnotic Power says:

    Yes, that, the snow and previous Labour government. Things will only get better from now on.

    ( sarcasm )

  7. Alan says:

    Here is a guess as to why manufacturing is in slump – could it possibly be because noone wants British goods anymore? Could it be that the Tory party who have made severe cuts to everything in sight have made a few cuts too many and the little manufacturing that remains in Britain after Thatcher demolished manufacturing in Britain is fighting for survival or actually going under? Look at the car industry – one of Britains cars was voted the worst car recently. No wonder nobody wants to buy British. No wonder manufacturing is in slump. As for High Street sales, well there is an easy explanation for that. After the Chancellor has taken out his cut of your wages in taxes, there is little or nothing left to spend in the shops. Plain and simple as that. Osbourne can make all the excuses he wants, but we all know the truth when it comes to our personal spending habits.

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