are there any advantages to using as opposed to will the listings be almost the same?

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11 Responses to “are there any advantages to using as opposed to will the listings be almost the same?”

  1. mark b says: is what you need to be using.

    That’s your regional site – using this will enable them to calculate the distance from the seller to you (for collect only auctions), it will list international sellers for you, it will show the exchange rate from pounds sterling into what ever the sellers denomination is and a lot of UK sellers wont post abroad, if your on You might get your bid withdrawn as a non UK bidder.

    Hope this helps

  2. hyper29 says:

    dunno about listings but if you live in uk and use then the postage will cost alot be cheaper to buy off

  3. Ivan Dragon says: caters for Us market, it depends, there may be a bigger choice if you are a buyer, if you are a seller you expand your customer base (although US buyers use ebay uk too)

  4. stormy says:

    If you live in the US then you need to go to if you live in the UK then use the uk ebay site. You are allowed to sell and buy form outside the US and from the UK.

  5. Dale P says:

    Buyers and Sellers have the option of only looking or listing in their own region. I would use which ever region you live in because that will list everything available to you in all regions.

  6. robinbatteau says:

    They are the same exact thing. One is based in the USA, one in the UK

  7. J says:

    if you use this is the site based in america, which could mean the listers dont deliver to other countries but the usa. This should be stated in the bottom where it says postage. Also, postage from america to the uk is going to cost more than from one part of the uk to another part of the uk.

    If you are from the uk I’d strongly advise you to keep to the site as oppose to the .com site or your going to probably double the cost of your item in postage!- if indeed the lister is willing to post the item abroad.

  8. Davy Crockett says:

    Without a doubt, some things are less expensive. The problem is that postage is generally more costly. I recently bought software from .com and save abour ten pounds overall against prices.

  9. Steve says:

    Don’t panic it doesn’t matter which you use.

  10. mescalin57 says:

    probably not EBAY is well EBAY

  11. rc_4less says:

    I sell digital products, so provides an automatic delivery mechanism for such items so I benefit greatly from it.

    Other than that … I used to sell certain items that were better for the US market, so used to list the products on to attract more US buyers than listing on would have done.


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