Are there any deals out there for new Sky TV customers in the UK?

I’m looking to get Sky TV installed soon and looking for the best deal. I live in the south of England. I would like a basic viewing package ( 2 mix pack ) with basic broadband and the sky freetime talk. First of all, they charge £50 to set the broadband up and £30 for standard installation of the dish etc. Is there a deal out there which would rid these set up costs. Secondly, are there any deals where you get something for free when subscribing? I used to sell Sky TV and we would regularly be given offers of free installation or special offers like a free dvd player or free movies for 6 months, so I know there are deals out there but I just cant seem to find them. Can anyone help? Thanks 🙂

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2 Responses to “Are there any deals out there for new Sky TV customers in the UK?”

  1. RazzleDazzleMe says:

    i type sky tv into google and go on their website to have a look at this seasons deals

    gd luck

  2. Rayc says:

    Best I can suggest is £85 cashback if you order online via

    The deal is made on the usual Sky website but is tracked by Quidco – the £85 is paid into your bank a/c or via PayPal. Quidco charge an annual fee of just £5 – Still £80 back for nothing.

    I’ve used Quidco for a huge amount of things that I would have bought anyway.

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