Are there any discounts around on airport parking or on petrol?

My fiancé and I are going to Malta on 18th of June and we want to park the car at Manchester Airport for the week that we are away. Just wondering if anyone knows of any way to get a discount on the parking charge or on the price of petrol?

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2 Responses to “Are there any discounts around on airport parking or on petrol?”

  1. IAN D says:

    The most expensive, but most convenient parking is on the airport itself but you can save by booking in advance through the airport’s website at

    There is cheaper parking off the airport but you need to allow exra time for the bus to shuttle you from the parking to the airport which can be several miles away. Have a look at

    As far as petrol is concerned, you’ll pay premium prices on the motorway or at the airport, so fill up at your local supermarket before you go.

  2. missy beau says:

    tips from friends and family about travel-
    never buy anything in an airport (3x the price)

    don’t exchange money at airports (worse rate exchange)

    always take a change of clothes on board (you may be on the plane, your bags may not!).

    Basically good luck on that but have a great trip.

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