Are There Any Free Abortion Clinics In Grand Rapids Michigan?

If you don’t have the money for an abortion, there are organizations that can help you pay for one. But you do have to pay something. See:…
Also, some clinics give discounts. See:…
Look into this right away. An abortion pill is generally the cheapest method but it can only be used up to 9 weeks after the first day of your last period. See Planned Parenthood on different methods of abortion:…
Too bad that there are some clowns who have to joke about a serious matter.

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2 Responses to “Are There Any Free Abortion Clinics In Grand Rapids Michigan?”

  1. Eleanor H says:

    Yes, it’s called riding down the grand rapids on your stomach (wear a helmet, of course).
    Seriously though, don’t get an abortion. And don’t do anything stupid.

  2. Plop says:

    wire clothes hangers go for about 10 for 10 bucks. it’s a very affordable alternative.

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