Are there any other basic tips regarding finding & selling bargains on Ebay?

I have only just learnt that by putting 99p as the start price in the title of the item you are selling lots of bargain hunters find your stuff quick. What other simple ways can you find bargains? Or attract people to view your stuff?

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2 Responses to “Are there any other basic tips regarding finding & selling bargains on Ebay?”

  1. pfgould says:

    When selling – use a title that grabs people’s attention and use up your word number allowance on the title/s if possible (as you’ve paid for it!). Also use other/alternative words for the same thing [in the description] as it may be called something else in another part of the country or abroad.

    When searching (to buy) I always try a few mispellings of the name of the item I’m after, as you’d be surprised what you can pick up that everyone else has missed.

    If you’re in competition with another buyer or someone has bid on your item – have a look at their profile, it can tell you a lot about if they are serious, do they really want it, if they are a good or bad payer etc,

    Lastly, don’t spend a lot of money on "featuring" you item, but do make sure you have good clear photos….

  2. Montgomery B says:

    If someone is selling what you think is a cheap bargain, what makes you think that they do not know the real value of it?
    If it was worth more, they would ask for more, if it is going really cheap, ask yourself `why?` is it stolen? illegal?
    Be careful, fings ain`t all they seem to be.

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