Are There Any (working) Quibids Codes, Vouchers Etc?

Quibids and other such services advertise you can get products very cheaply and it is true BUT…they make their money selling BIDS. If you sell a 250 dollar item for 85 dollars, and make 200 dollars selling bids, the person getting the item is getting a great bargain, but paid not just the final bid price, but the cost of his bids, and the seller made the item sale price plus cost of ALL bids that they sold…that is the gimmick. If you want bid codes, you should rightly BUY THEM like everyone else.

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One Response to “Are There Any (working) Quibids Codes, Vouchers Etc?”

  1. Mike says:

    They don’t need to use coupon promotions when their alternate reality already allows them to advertise prices 90% off retail. I highly doubt you will find what you are looking for.
    You know about their Buy Now option where you more or less pay retail including funds you already had lost i the bidding process, that might mean chipping in perhaps 9X more than you already committed.

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