Are there January sales in Vegas?

I’m going to Vegas for the new year 27th-3rd January. I’m wondering if they have January sales the same as the UK? Ive been looking at already their Abercrombie/hollister shops are by far cheaper than here. Just wondering what kind of prices they go down to if its already so cheap? I’ve done a bit of research and the Americans already think Abercrombie is expensive. Try coming here and paying £80 for a polo shirt!! If they do have sales like ours, I’m not even going to bother taking any clothes….just an empty suitcase! Any help would be great.

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  1. Andy L. says:

    Shopping is on the to-do list of many visitors along with the vast variety of cuisine, the entertainment, some drinking to excess including 24 hour bars, gambling, gentlemen’s clubs and shows for the ladies as well. If you have the money to spend, there is a very large number of ways to do it.
    Shopping divides into categories. There are the upscale shops not known for sales, but a mecca for those who don’t have the convenience of designer goods from every label. Since you mention cheap, but quality, there are two factory outlet malls. One south of the strip and one near the downtown area. There are also stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Burlington Coat Factory (just the name as they sell all clothing types) which have past year styles and some seconds and over-runs. There is a Wilson’s Leather at the South outlet mall and the pricing is good but changes frequently. I had a visitor from China thrilled by the 70% off sale.
    The after Christmas sale is still in progress as you arrive, but note that would apply more to stores like Macy’s and Kohl’s and other department stores where the concept is when people return gifts they get other gifts, and also the mis-planning left inventory. There should be something going on at the outlets.

    The competition in shopping in the US is higher, and so there are more sales. Also, there may be a sales tax of I think 8%, but no VAT at the import. After you remove the tags, the items are used and not subject to VAT.
    There is a Fry’s Electronics at Town Square mall about a mile or so south of Mandalay Bay hotel. There, especially for in-store special weekly sale prices, are excellent prices for electronic goods, and though the language is the same, you need to deal with the electric current difference and the NTSC vs PAL. Laptops generally require a different AC adaptor or power cord to it. That which prices in pounds in the UK, is the same number in dollars in the US for those items. Add a sale, and it is primo.
    The alcohol tax rates are less, but can only be luggage packed so often that is done at the duty-free at the airport. The prices of American wines and bourbon and whiskies should be somewhat less than in the UK.
    You don’t need to bring an empty suitcase if you want to buy one at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx or a Kohl’s sale. The suitcases are cheaper here also. My friend from China bought two. He had a great time shopping as authentic goods are higher in China than the UK which is higher than the US. He spent about US$6000 on gifts. Fossil watches, Coach, perfumes and colognes, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Piere Cardin, even Gap is popular.
    Here is Las Vegas Premium Outlets South
    and Town Square Mall:
    If at Town Square, a value priced meal can be found at Miller’s Ale House:
    You will find restaurant prices lower off-strip, but the cab fares are high per mile.
    I recommend McCormick and Schmick’s for seafood if you are east of the strip at Flamingo Av

    One thing to remember in the US is about gratuities/tipping. It is not included in the bill like in the UK.
    Amounts are a topic to check.
    There are busses in las Vegas, and taxi’s are a bit high per mile
    From the airport you usually take a shuttle for 1 or 2 people and 3 take a cab.
    us$7/person by shuttle to the strip casinos from the airport and cab about us$25 average.

    New Years Eve in Las Vegas is an exciting time. The Strip gets closed to traffic. Public drinking is legal I believe. Fireworks at midnight. Parties at the clubs. Prepare your New Years Eve party in advance. In a few months, browse for the schedules and tickets.

  2. ladeeda says:

    There are, but your going to have to head off the strip to get them. I hate abercrombies clothes so I dont pay attention, but I think there is one in the outlet mall, you really just have to search around and hit the sales racks.

  3. banananose_89117 says:

    Yes there are sales in January but not in the shops in casinos. You will need to go over to the Fashion Show Mall by Treasure Island OR the Presium Outlet Mall about 4 miles south of Mandalay Bay

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