Are These Good First Cars?…
Particularly the 1989 Jaguar XJS. Basically these are all the V12 cars I could lay my hands on…
I don’t want some boring Honda or Toyota – I know fuel economy on these guys is hilarious but still… it’s a V12 for 10 grand, you can’t really get around that. 🙂
I’m not some stupid teenager but it’s just too tempting – and they’re in such great appearance and condition!

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3 Responses to “Are These Good First Cars?”

  1. Jon says:

    It’s stupid to have such a car as a first car. You have no real road sense. Passing your test get’s you road worthy, it will take you a year (sometimes longer) to really appreciate driving. Also, 10k is a lot to throw at a car, and depending how much you use it, it will DRINK the petrol, and you won’t enjoy driving it as you will constantly be worried about fuel.

  2. Tomsriv says:

    The XjS is a rich mans toy. So many things need to be reenginnered on those to make them roadworthy. But if it does give u trouble and their is no smog check where u live u could put a Chevy v8 in there.
    All v12 cars cost a fortune to repair, that’s why they depreciate so much.

  3. JetDoc says:

    Before you throw your money away on a high performance V-12 car, check and see what it’s going to cost to buy insurance… I think you’ll soon be shopping for a 4 cylinder econobox like everyone else.

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