Are These Guitars Any Good?

I had a fender before sound wasn’t that good bought it from argos and now I’m argos again looking at some more guitars I’ve been playing 4 a few months getting the hand of it
Yamaha F310-BP Full Size Acoustic Guitar: £139.99
Includes tuner, spare strings, strap, 3 plectrums and tutorial DVD.
Straight neck and fast action frets for easy playing.
Learn to play songs by Coldplay, Stereophonics, U2, Beatles and loads of others with the instant guitar DVD.
Full size (40in).
Real wood.
Spruce front finish.
Rosewood fretboard.
Mahogany back and sides.
Steel strings.
Metal machine heads.
Accessories include
Electronic tuner.
Spare strings.
Guitar strap.
3 plectrums.
Tutorial DVD.
Manufacturer’s 2 year guarantee.
Martin Smith Full Size Electro Acoustic Guitar:£79.99
Ideal for beginners.
Acoustic guitar with 40 inch cutaway body.
Built in transducer pickup.
Rosewood fingerboard with pearloid effect bird shape inlay.
Includes a voucher for free on-line video guitar lessons.
Full size (40in) guitar.
Linden front finish.
Rosewood fretboard.
Linden back and sides.
Maple guitar neck.
6 steel strings.
22 frets.
Metal machine heads.
Guitar strap fixings.
National teacher contact listing.
For ages 10 years and over.
EAN/MPN/UPC/ISBN: 5060091494374.
Model 401E-N.
Or should I just save up and buy a 2nd hand guitar from cash generator?
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6 Responses to “Are These Guitars Any Good?”

  1. STEPHEN says:

    Any guitar that comes with all that gear for those prices is going to be junk.
    You’d be better off getting a decent 2nd hand one.

  2. John says:

    They are decent beginner’s guitars. However, if you are dead into it by now – and why wouldn’t you be -I’d see what you can get from 2nd hand shops (preferably music shops rather than cash generator, but both might have bargains/interesting pieces).

  3. Keenan says:

    Don’t buy guitars from Argos. They’re cheap rubbish. If you want something good, buy a second hand guitar from either the internet or a nearby guitar store. The people in store will do their best to find the ideal guitar for you.

  4. Mike says:

    all are good

  5. Genesis says:

    Yes . If you are not sure go guitar center for more information about it

  6. jcr says:

    Both of these are all-laminated (plywood) guitars. If those are your only choices, the Yamaha is your best bet. They’re a reputable entry-level brand and do a pretty good job on their plywood instruments. However, you should buy the guitar in person from a guitar store where you can try it out to make sure it is comfortable to play.
    I don’t really recommend used guitars for beginners, unless you take someone along who knows how to diagnose common repair issues. Used guitars can have problems that are not obvious to the nonplayer and which may be expensive to fix.

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