Are These The Right Accounts For Journalizng The Closing Entry?

Here are the accounts
Notes Receivable
Accounts Receivable
Interest Receivable
Merchandise Inventory
Office Supplies
Store Supplies
Prepaid Insurance
Accum Deprec – Building
Accum. Deprec – Equipment
Accounts Payable
Salaries Payable
Unearned Rent
Notes Payable
Sales Return and Allowances
Sales Discounts
Cost of Merchandise Sold
Sales Salaries Expense
Advertising Expense
Store Supplies Expense
Misc. Selling Expense
Office Salaries Expense
Depr. Expense – Equipment
Insurance Expense
Office Supplies Expense
Depr.expense -Building
Misc. Admin. Expense
Rent Revenue
Interest Revenue
Interest Expense
Here are the accounts I did so far
Rent Revenue
Income summary
Income summary
Sales return & allowances
Sales Discount
Cost of Merchandise sold
sales salaries expense
advertising expense
store supplies expense
miscellaneous selling expense
office salaries expense
depreciation expense – equipment
insurance expense
office salaries expense
depreciation expense – building
miscellaneous administrative expense
interest expense
income summary
isabella jones, captial
isabella jones, captial
isabella jones, drawing
Am I correct so far? or am I missing something?
Thanks for you time

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