Are These Two Books The Same?!?

I want to buy the book- 1000 artist journal pages by dawn
Looking on amazon, I found two different copies- the first, the used price is only about £10
Whereas, the second one, the used price (including p&p is like £18?!)
The only difference I noticed between the two books is the first heaped one hasn’t got the cut out 1000 number on the front
But surely, this cannot raise the price £8?
I want the book with 1000 inside and I’m jut worrying that if I go for the cheaper one, because it doesn’t actually have 1000 written on the front, it won’t be 1000 inside?
Please help!

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One Response to “Are These Two Books The Same?!?”

  1. Bilbo says:

    With used books the price depends more on the condition than anything and how keen the seller is to move the stock. The first one is discounted from about the same amount, so I would think it is the same book- the second one is also available ‘used (mint) for £13.00.
    Art books are a bit tricky: sometimes people remove the odd plate and if used in a studio there may be some damage (wrecking them putting in a scanner etc) – I would only consider buying used if it is out of print especially when with discounts new is only a couple of pounds difference.

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